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At Decklan Group, we value our clients long-term success.  We know from research that a key to that future success is continuing education of employees.  

Economic development takes many forms.  Most people in the business world believe that attracting companies to a city is where economic development ends.  That just ain't so.  Decklan Group prides itself in helping companies afford workforce development.  Whether it is paying to train in LEAN principals,  helping shop leaders learn management tools, or even helping implement cultural changes company wide.  We find you funding to make it possible, and affordable.

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antonio rillera

"Decklan Group has proven themselves to be one of our company's greatest assetts.  They leave no stone unturned and deliver a value that far exceeds their cost.  We expanded our facility, implemented educational classes for our employees, and added new equipment with Decklan Group paving the way.  We invested in their expertise and they have shown us a return in excess of 1000% on our money.  1000% ROI may sound like an exception, however, if you speak to their other clients, you'll find out it is not the exception, it is the norm." 

Bryan Provo

President - Alliance Machine Inc.

can educating your employees pay?


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Your employees are important to your success and as a smart leader, you realize that.  Wouldn't it be great if you could offset the cost of educating your workforce?  Submit this form and we will review it for FREE to see if we can help.



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If we beilieve your company and it's goals align with ours, we will work tirelessly to deliver you as much funding as we can find to improve your workforce.  Hearing the success stories from employees is one of our firm's favorite gifts. 


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