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At Decklan Group, our track-record is peerless. Our clients big and small have never received a denial letter.  We apply for it, you get it.  Your odds will never be better.

Decklan Group takes pride in matching businesses with the sites and the right incentives.  We don't blast applications all over the webosphere hoping that someone gives you money.  We take time to learn about your business, understand your goals, both now and in years to come.  We have the tools and the relationships to guide more profits to your pockets.  

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"Decklan Group has proven themselves to be one of our company's greatest assets.  They leave no stone unturned and deliver a value that far exceeds their cost.  We expanded our facility, implemented educational classes for our employees, and added new equipment with Decklan Group paving the way.  We invested in their expertise and they have shown us a return in excess of 1000% on our money.  1000% ROI may sound like an exception, however, if you speak to their other clients, you'll find out it is not the exception, it is the norm." 

Bryan Provo

President - Alliance Machine Inc.

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